Old Chinatown Kopitiam


Since its only me, Ma and Charlie at home, we decided to eat out for lunch and try Old Chinatown Kopitiam. I've been passing by this small restaurant on my way to Genki Carwash at Ma. Clara Street. You feel like you're in old world chinatown once you enter the premises.

 (picture taken by Charlie)

There are old jars displayed on shelves on one side of the wall while chinese lanterns provide lighting for the whole place.

We ordered Jumbo Siomai for starters which costs around Php108 for 3 pieces. It is as big as 2 regular siomais combined! Sulit!

we were so amazed by its size that I took a picture for comparison. Its as big as my whole thumb and the spoon!

We also ordered Fish Fillet Taufu (Php198) which contained pieces of fish fillet with tofu in their special sauce with onions and leeks. The serving is good for 2 persons.

We also tried out the Kopi Spareribs (Php198). These are pork spareribs in coffee caramal sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Suprisingly, I liked this dish even if  I'm not really a fan of coffee or caramel. :) Must be because of my sweet tooth. 


The plates reminded me of my Lola's plastic plates. It had the same design. I guess it's somewhat due to our Chinese influences. :)


Of course we ordered Kopitiam's Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Php168) which is good for 2-3 persons. :) yummy! The house blend iced tea is also cheap at Php75 if you go bottomless. 

We look forward to eating here again. :) hopefully, with the rest of the family (including Chubby) :)


  1. Woooow! I'm suddenly craving for Chinese food! Pinakita ko kay Teebee yung Jumbo Siomai, na pa-OMG siya sa laki ng siomai haha! Waaah! I'm inggit!

    I love youuuu! *mmmwah*

  2. big boy na ni charlie! hehe!

    mukang masarap yung siomaiiiii yum yum

  3. Wow. Mine-maintain niyo pa pala blogspot niyo. Hindi na ako maka-access. Hindi na tinatanggap password ko. Hindi naman ako nag-iiba ng password.

    Uy. Mukhang masarap diyan ah. Dalhin mo kami minsan diyan, Cla!

  4. @pj...wala atang veggie siomai eh. pwede ka dun sa fish na may tofu. malasa!

    @chi...oo. laki na nga niya.

    @rolls...hehe, wala bang "forgot your password"? mag-organize ka ng reunion. hehe.