i'm dreaming of a...

...FUDGE TRUFFLEBURGER! (i bet you sang!)

if you haven't heard of it, head over to Sebastian's. Ice cream = love.

I've always seen it at Podium but never really got curious to try it. So yesterday after having dinner with my family at Italianni's Trinoma, I suggested that we try it out.

I ordered the Fudge Truffleburger. From the outside, it looked like a giant chocolate truffle. Chocolate powder covered the entire chilly burger. The cookie sandwich was crunchie and chewy at the same time with a very generous serving of vanilla ice cream inside. After a few bites, fudge started to ooze from inside the ice cream. Mmmmm...

Kind of pricey at 120/ice cream sandwich but definitely worth it. I can't stop thinking when I can allow myself this indulgence again. Maybe next payday.