Bip bibi bip bip

I have this habit of making up names for people that are close to me. It's not an entirely new name but it's like a pet name. It's a name only I can use. 

I also have a preference for name ending with an "ie". sounds cute. I like cute.

I haven't thought of a name for my parents. I find it quite improper. Ü But I do have pet names for my siblings. They are in order of appearance into the world:
Tin - Teenie Weenie
Con - Connie Bonnie
Kat - Kattie Battie
Charlie - Bibster Boy

You might be wondering why Charlie has a different pet name. First, because he's our only brother which makes him a little bit more special (this is unintentional I assure you).

Bibster Boy evolved from the term "bad boy", which I always called him when he did mean things to us or refused to follow orders (as the eldest you do get some privileges).

From bad boy, it became B boy (B for bad). Then it became Bibs (merging the two "B's" into one), then finally Bibster Boy, because it sounds cuter that way.


A few drops of water barely trickled from the faucet upstairs. I decided to take a shower downstairs instead. Lately, water has been scarce during the night even with the pump turned on.

As I was taking a bath, I heard a soft knock on the door and replied a hasty "lapit na!". A reply came in a form of a grumble. Must be Charlie. He hates it when we beat him to the bathroom.

I was out in two minutes and was climbing the stairs when I saw a foot peeping from the upstairs bathroom. What a great time to pull a prank. I slowly crept to the top of the stairs and shouted "Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibs!"

I got the shock of my life! A familiar face confronted me. But it was not Charlie...

I managed to sing song "Bip bibi bip bip" all the way to my room. Not exactly the best way to save face. Good thing Dad's a good sport and never mentioned it to anyone.

And yeah, Con and Kat laughed so hard after I told them.


  1. hihihi! cuuuute! natawa ako na naging bip bibi bip bip hahaha! palusoooot! hihihi! i love you! *MMMWAH*