missing tin

yesterday was the first time i felt that i truly missed tin.

since she and her bf left for BVI (british virgin islands), i never thought that i would miss her with all the available avenues of getting in touch like email, chat, or even sms (although i'm not sure she activated her roaming).

i arrived home at around 11pm and found left-over food in the fridge. if tin was here, she would have prepared something for me. even if it was just an experiemental thing. oh well...

after eating a hearty dinner (i was starving since i wasn't able to eat enough lunch), i found my 2 other sisters rummaging through con's stuff. Stuff is what we call it since we cannot classify if its clothes, beauty care products, accessories, trash or what nots. we, meaning all the girls in the family which accounts for 70% of the household, have been consistently pestering her to find the time to rearrange her stuff. all we get are tons of excuses and grunts.

but last night i found her stuff strewn all over the room. it was a big effort for her to do that. considering that it doesn't bother her that things spill out whenever somebody opens their (because con and kat share the same cabinet) cabinet door.

tin has always been the OC clean and green machine. insisting that we sneak to clean out con's cabinet while she's out. this she did once which very much irritated con. she would have been proud to see that this we have made progress while she's gone. and she would have had fun too while making fun of con trying on her clothes which don't really fit while me and kat scramble to salvage items that we can still use.

i slept at around 1am and they still haven't finished arranging the things. i hope tin gets to read this and have a laugh and know that she is missed. but she probably won't since she hates reading and i don't even know if she knows my blog.

well if you do...hi and i miss you! take care while you're there!


  1. wow, did they get jobs there? paano? :) hehe just curious.

  2. monster.com tapos directly mag-apply sa company instead of through a middleman. :) in fairness, wala pa atang isang week within sending email of interest to apply and resumes, may reply agad at sked ng phone interview.