if the shoe fits


IS my shoe size as far as I know.

Apparently for Nike, I'm one and a half sizes bigger. No wonder I always manage to kill my two toes especially with my last 2 pairs of rubber shoes!

And I wouldn't have known if I hadn't innocently asked the shoe clerk what could be causing this "phenomenon". Was it my feet? Was I walking wrong? Because I definitely thought that something could be wrong with the way I walk. I keep tripping even if I'm wearing flats!

He said ideally for shoes used in athletics, it should have allowances for socks and movement. He told me that wearing the wrong size could cause: a) patay na kuko since the nails could fold due to the force exerted when the toes rub with the interior of the shoe b) the nail could get pushed inside the skin (ang tawag ba dito ay grow in?) c) all of the above.

So even it pains me to let go of number 6 which has been with me for the last 10+ years, I have to make room for 7 or 7 and 1/2.

Even feet have to age!


  1. hindi ba in grown yun? haha! pero iba ata yun, the in grown kuko is like a sharp edge of your kuko that grows and tusoks the skin kaya it hurts... (ang conyo ng sagot ko hahaha!)

    i love youuu! i'll buy you shoes :) *mmmwah*

  2. haha. ang konyoooo! :p eh iba yung ingrown.