quotable quotes from bibster boy

last night we ate at bubba gump to celebrate kat's graduation and the discussion was on my favorite brother's (he insists that he's our favorite brother since the only brother that we have. ulk.) pleas to get a pet. he tries to convince me to give him a rabbit. to which i firmly say no. and proceeds to pester our parents into buying him even just a guinea pig, making pitt as an example. seeing that this is a losing battle from the facial expression of daddy (his last resort), he blurts out..

"i dont have a normal life!"

a pause and then we all start laughing. we never had pets! mom and dad thinks it's unhygienic to have animals in the house. plus, we live in a compound therefore, we would also have to ask permission from our neighbors. the closest we ever got to a pet were our goldfishes (which we got as giveaways from a children's party and they didn't last that long) and our 2 lobsters (which always manage to get out of the bowl).

this reminds kat of our trip to US. we were watching our cousin's basketball game and was sitting on the bleachers. since most of my cousin's teammates were also Filipinos who grew up in the US therefore, their parents speak in tagalog. during the game, charlie whispers to mommy...

"...they're not from here! they're from our world!" (referring to the parents talking behind us)

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    ayos ah, just like the punch-lines you'd use on a sit-com. :D