calling in sick

ok. despite the fact that i have been issued by our logistics cum HR with a warning for having negative leaves (yep, you heard me right. NEGATIVE! this means i consumed all plus more than my alloted leaves, hence the term.) i had to take one.

grrr. i hate this. all those one-minute lates are haunting me!!!

on a lighter note, this has been quite a happy day for me. i woke up early to take a bath (i really wasn't planning on taking a leave, mind you) and went right back to bed. i love that fresh feeling when you get out of the shower and then the act of going back to my cozy bed and comfy pillows in this rainy wish-wash weather. hihihi.

i spent half the day sleeping. a few hours watching tv and a few hours surfing the net. woohoo! i love my clients even if they annoy me. they always manage to surprise me when i least expect it. i also sent out an inspirational movie for people to watch. i hope there are more johnnys.

the best part of the day is eating! ok, im really not allowed to eat chocolate or anything cold since i have colds and cough but i did! yey! i ate choco mocha ice cream for dessert and now i'm going to pop some popcorn for me and kat to munch on. yey! i might eat a chocolate bar or two later before i sleep. haha. sweet dreams!

can't wait to go back to work tomorrow. :)

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