This MAY 21, take a walk on the child's side

Everyone complains about the sad state of education in the Philippines - the lack of schoolbooks, the quality of teaching, the worn-down classrooms that leak when it rains, the lack of running water in school bathrooms.

But is there something we can do about it? Are you feeling the frustration that comes from just hearing complaints, without any action?

Now, in just one afternoon, you can do something about it. Bring your family and friends and show them what it means to walk the walk, rather than just being content to talk the talk. Here's a really simple but strong statement that you can make for the future of Filipino children.

Step 1:
To register as a walker, fill out the form and fax to 849-6966. You can also call 849-6900 for details about registration. You can choose to walk 2.5 kilometers (an easy 30-minute walk), 5km (around an hour's walk), and 7.5 kilometers (around an hour and a half).

Step 2:
Get as many people as you can to understand why you decided to walk, and get them to donate to UNICEF because of your walk. They can choose to donate P250, P500, or P750 just for you to walk. They can choose to donate any amount, regardless of the distance you walk. For instance, if you choose to walk 2.5km, you can get 4 individuals to donate P250 each and you then get to raise P1,000 to help children. Or you can ask these individuals to donate P500 each, even though you are just choosing to walk 2.5km, and you get to raise P2,000. You can even get different individuals to donate different amounts for your walk. They can pahy by cash, check, or credit card.

Step 3:
Bring friends and family to Heritage Park, Fort Bonifacio on May 21, 2005, 4:00pm, and show them what it means to act on behalf of Filipino children. You can choose to have them walk with you, or just let them wait and watch as you take a leisurely stroll - and take a step in the right direction for Filipino children. may find the application form in today's issue of The Philippine Star, LIfestyle section, G-4.

...if you want to volunteer for the event, please email me (your contact details - landline, mobile number, email add - so i can fwd it to the person in charge)

...please inform your other friends. UNICEF needs around 4,000 participants to make this event a success! thank you!


  1. pwede ba utang... broke na ako eh. gano ba kaya mo lakarin?

  2. hahaha. hindi ako maglalakad eh. volunteer ako.

  3. do you know if the registration form can be downloaded somewhere?