a million things to do

i don't even have work and here i find myself up to my neck with activities...

things i should be able to accomplish by sunday:

  1. list down FR activities for this certain org that i have been volunteering for
  2. send out resumes to at least 10 prospective employers
  3. finish studying voices/piece for choir
  4. select photos to send as entries to the photo contest and find the money to have them printed
  5. finish reading The Alchemist
  6. research regarding the topic grid and prepare for discussions
  7. arrange sked so that I can schedule meetings or get-togethers with
  • cathy ---> sorry bf! kapag may pera nako, tuloy na talaga. hahaha. or work at least.
  • pj ---> kelan kaya tayo matutuloy sa out-of-town adventure natin?
  • solvie ---> let me get my ideas straight ok?
  • chapsters ---> ang grand reunion na hindi na ata ever matutuloy
  • cheka ---> cousin bonding gone kaputtt!
  • comtech blockmates ---> i wish for money to magically appear in my wallet by friday so i can join you guys for dinner! hehehe.

i do hope i find the work that will best suit my interests by june. ayoko na maging poor!!!

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